Thursday, September 14, 2006

Un intermedio musical / A Musical Intermission


Copyright © 2006 Ariel Zilber

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Greg said...

Mr. Rabinovich: I absolutely loved it, especially the part that tells Olmert and Co. to go to Meretz.I also loved the wall grafitti saying "Olmert's in a comma, Sharon wake up!" That made my day!

Anonymous said...

Que loco, aparece la minita de Gasoleros.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

¡Ja! Se parece a Mercedes Morán, pero es Tzipi Livni, una política israelí metidaza con este infame gobierno. ¡Ojalá se dedicara a las telenovelas en vez de a la política!

Greg said...

didn't get that, except for the "Tzipi Livni" part.

Just curious, Mr. Rabinovich: how many languages do you speak?