Saturday, December 25, 2010

Letrero de la "Embajada de Palestina" en Lima, Perú
Sign at the "Embassy of Palestine" in Lima, Peru

He acá una foto del letrero a la entrada de la “residencia de la embajada de Palestina” en Lima, Perú. bb
Here is a picture of the entrance sign of the “residence of the embassy of Palestine” in Lima, Peru.

Prestémos atención al detalle del logo. Se trata del logo de la OLP, no del escudo de armas de la “Autoridad Palestina”. El mapa de este logo muestra el territorio de Israel entero, con Judea, Samaria y Gaza, pero sin el Golán. bb

Let’s pay attention to the detail of the logo. It is the PLO logo, not the Cote of Arms of the “Palestinian Authority”. The map portrayed in this logo shows the entire territory of Israel, including Judea, Samaria and Gaza, but without the Golan.


Andrés said...

Es cierto, el escudo de armas de la Autoridad Nacional Palestina es el águila con la bandera tricolor. Este es el mapa de la OLP que básicamente niega el derecho de Israel a existir. Error? Casualidad?

Anonymous said...



Leeba said...

Whoa! I am glad you picked up on that. I never would have noticed. Very frightening as the PLO seems to have traded Golan Heights back to Syria! The Golan is an important holding as much water and agriculture is in this area.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

@Leeba: not only the Golan to Syria, but they want all of Eretz Yisrael for themselves!

Michael Vanyukov said...

This is a long standing official map of the PA. They never had any other.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

The Jewish community in Lima is finally starting to plan a protest to prevent official recognition of that "embassy". Here's the Facebook group:

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

This is the text in English, my translation:

Peru recognized the Palestinian State
Press Release Number 001-11
1.- Since 1947 Peru, as the then member of the “Special UN Commission for Palestine”, has maintained in a consistent manner a clear position on the Palestinian Question, in agreement with the norms and principles of International Law and the right to free self-determination of the peoples, in regarding to the establishment of two States in that territory.
2.- For over six decades Peru has recognized the right of the Palestinian people to constitute an independent State, supporting the UN Resolutions adopted by the General Assembly on this matter. At the same time Peru has promoted the complete respect to Human Rights, and a firm rejection of acts of terrorism, as well as of the illegal use of force.
3.- In consonance with its traditional and unchangeable policy to the favor of a peaceful solution of controversies, Peru declares respect and complete support to the peace process in the Middle East, and reiterates support for the negotiations that aim for the coexistence of two States: Israel and Palestine, with the right to live in peace within secure borders, borders recognized and free from threat or acts of force. It is under that premise that Peru joins in the efforts of the international community, and encourages peace initiatives to that end.
4.- In Light of the stated above, the Peruvian State has decided to grand recognition, from today on, to Palestine as an independent and sovereign State.
5.- In this spirit, Peru recognizes the undeniable right of the State of Israel to Developer in peace and harmony with its neighbors, within secure borders and free from any threat against its people, and therefore we call upon all those who have not yet done so to grant full recognition to the State of Israel.
6.- Last, Peru joins the call of the international community for the immediate renewal of the peace process between Israel and Palestine, based on the complete fulfillment by all the parts of the duties assumed in previous agreements, particularly the “Road Map” of the Quartet and in respect with International Law, including the Resolutions adopted by the United Nations.
Lima, January 24, 2011
Ministry of Foreign Relations (watermark)