Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Estoy leyendo y recomiendo / I Am Reading and Recommend

Demophrenia.  Israel and the Malaise of Democracy.  By: Paul Eidelberg.

Deseo compartir un libro que estoy leyendo:

I wish to share a book I am reading:

Demophrenia”, del profesor Paul Eidelberg. ¡Simplemente fascinante! Lamentablemente no tiene, todavía, traducción al castellano.

Demophrenia, by Professor Paul Eidelberg. It is simply fascinating! Unfortunately there is not yet a translation into Spanish.

Esclarece todo lo que es menester esclarecer para este la aquellos que, en las más densas tinieblas del exilio, creen que la Redención consiste en la democracia occidental y nada más.

This book renders clear everything that need to be understood by those who, in the thickest darkness of the Exile, believe that the Redemption consists of western democracy and nothing else.

El libro es realmente un tesorito en materia de información y en desarrollo del pensamiento. Definitivamente es lectura de rigor para todos los lectores de este blog – tanto amigos como críticos.

The book is really a little treasure in matter of information and in development of thought. It is definitely a must reading for all the readers of this blog – friends as well as critics.


Shimon said...

get rid of your ad for the Kabbalah Centre, they are not good people and it is not a Kosher organization.

Greg said...

FYI: Professor Eidelberg also promotes Rabbi Ovadia of Shas, an anti-Zionist party which promotes Mizrahi elitism. When I called him on my cell phone and asked him what he thought concerning the infamous Rabbi's comment that "All the problems in Israel are due to the Ashkenazim" and others such jems, he told me the Rabbi was a great Torah scholar.

Mr. Eidelberg writes well, but talks like a fool.