Monday, September 19, 2005



REVAVA OLAMI needs your participation. They are the ONLY Jewish organization runing on a Shleimus Haaretz platform.
The World Zionist Organization, representing zionist jewry from around the world, was instrumental in showing support for Sharon's criminal Dissengagement Plan. It is time to change things around!
This is what you need to do:

1. In order for "Revava" to run in the upcoming AZM elections, within the WZO (World Zionist Organization) we need to have 500 people who are registered in the AZM elections, who in addition have signed the form (PDF Acrobat Format).

2. Go to the American Zionist Movement website( ) and register to vote. They will need to pay $7.00 by credit card on line and they will receive a conformation number, which can be added to the form before faxing it.

3. Sign the included form. The forms must be faxed to 303-442-1294. All forms must be received by the 25th of September.

Anyone over the age of 18 living in the USA can register to vote.

Please pass it on. A minimum of 500 legitimate signatures are needed for them to run.

When you receive the vote (your choice, either by snail mail or by e-mail), vote REVAVA OLAMI.

Questions: Yisroel Cohen USA line rings in Israel 1-212-561-5351 email:
Or Matt Finberg 1-303-442-1276 email:

Click here to download Revava - WZO endorsement in Word.Doc format

Click here to download Revava - WZO endorsement in PDF format

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