Thursday, May 11, 2006

El defectuoso Pensamiento Olmert / Olmert’s Faulty Thinking

ב ס ״ ד

(Adaptado de una nota mía en el foro de Revavá )

Una conversación en la sección de comentarios de una nota abajo de me hizo ver necesario el exponer la lógica errónea en el pensamiento expresado por Olmert. La lógica de Olmert pobre, y carece de elementos necesarios para un juicio sensato.
Su lógica consiste en la siguientes premisas:

  • La población árabe crece a un ritmo más rápido que la población judía
  • Israel es una democracia, y por lo tanto quien tenga la mayoría gobernará el país
  • La integración con los árabes de los territorios no es posible
  • Una vez que los árabes reciban la tierra al lado de la “Cerca de Seguridad”, han de bajar el volumen del odio, ya que estarán ocupados en la construcción de su propio nuevo país
  • La solución de los dos estados es la vía correcta a seguir -- puede ser dolorosa, de acuerdo, pero el sacrificio por la paz vale la pena
  • Los colonos no son más que un molesto obstáculo en el camino a la paz
  • El fin justifica los medios

Creo que todos sabemos que esa es su lógica, y a donde realmente nos conduce. Según esta, él está haciendo “lo correcto”. Eso decir, está procediendo a tornar partes de Eretz Israel en el territorio Judenrein, forzando a los árabes a aceptarlo como el territorio para su nuevo Estado. Hay, sin embargo, algunas premisas que le faltan, y que aparentemente se rehúsa a reconocer:

  • El motivo de la existencia de todas organizaciones político/terroristas árabes dentro de Eretz Israel es “liberar Palestina”, un concepto que implica la destrucción de Israel, y el arrojar a todos los judíos en el Gran Mar -- salvo por algunos miembros de Neturei Karta que pagan honorarios, y de los kutim “judíos” de Shjem
  • Por muy alto que se construya la cerca, no nos va a proteger jamás de la siempre mejorada tecnología balística en manos de árabes, que cuenta con la asistencia de ingeniería iraní y rusa
  • Si de verdad la población árabe continúa creciendo tan rápidamente, pronto los millones de árabes en los sobrepoblados territorios procurarán más espacio. ¡Tomemos el caso dado de la Gaza de hoy, donde se encuentra la mayor concentración del mundo de población por kilómetro cuadrado!
  • Si firmando los acuerdos de la paz eran un fracaso probado con el tramposo de Arafat, ¡¿cuánto más aun tendremos garantizada la violencia continua con los sinceros aborrecedores con los que contamos en Hamás?!
  • Mientras más tierra damos a los árabes, más ellos se sienten alentados y justificados en su reclamo sobre TODA la Palestina
  • Los residentes judíos en los territorios no son, de hecho, un obstáculo para la paz en el ojo árabe -- que define la “paz” como resultado de su victoria final en “la liberación de Palestina” -- sino meramente una primera meta a destruir. Los judíos del Israel del interior de la “Línea Verde” serán seguramente la próxima meta
  • Las comunidades judías en Iehudá y el Shomrón son una necesidad, ya que estas afirman la potestad judía sobre la tierra – ciertamente un precepto de la Torá

Mientras la gente siga estancada en la miope y prejuiciosa doctrina de Olmert, sólo podrá vislumbrar la primera sarta de premisas -- y las ha de creer el evangelio de la verdad. Pero cuándo uno se atreva a abrir los ojos al amplio panorama se ha de dar cuenta de los defectos en el Pensamiento Olmert, y el camino a seguir se tornará claro de repente. Entonces el reconocer las premisas que le faltan seguirá de manera naturalmente fluida.


(Adapted from a posting of mine at the Revava forum)

A conversation at the comments section of a posting below lead me to see it necessary to expose an erroneous logic in Olmert’s expressed thinking. Olmert’s logic is faulty, and lacks elements of sound judgment.

His premises are:

  • The Arab population is growing at a faster rate than the Jewish population
  • Israel is a democracy, and therefore whomever has the majority will rule the country
  • Integration with the Arabs of the territories is not a possibility
  • Once they're given the land beside the "Security Fence," the Arabs will turn down the hatred volume, as they'll be busy building their own new country
  • A two-state solution is the way to go -- it may be painful, OK, but peace is worth the sacrifice
  • The settlers are just a bothersome obstacle on the “roadmap” to peace
  • The end justifies the means

I think we all know that that is his logic, and where it is truly leading. Within it, he's doing "the right thing." That is, he's proceeding to turn parts of Eretz Yisrael into Judenrein territory, forcing the Arabs to accept that as the territory for their new State. There are, however, a few premises he's missing, and seemingly refuses to acknowledge:

  • The reason for the existence of all Arab political/terrorist organizations within Eretz Yisrael is to "liberate Palestine,” a concept which implies the destruction of Israel, and the throwing of all the Jews into the Great Sea -- save for a few fee-paying members of the Neturei Karta, and the "Jewish" Kutim of Shchem
  • No matter how tall a fence is built, it will not protect us from the ever-improving ballistic technology in Arabs hands, which is aided by Iranian and Russian engineering
  • If, indeed, Arab population continues to swell in numbers, soon millions of Arabs in the over-crowded territories will seek elbow-room. Take the already showing case of Gaza, where the population concentration per square mile is greater than anywhere else in the world!
  • If signing peace agreements was a proven failure with sleazy Arafat, how much more will we be assured a continuum of violence with the outspoken, honest hate mongers of Hamas?!
  • The more land given to the Arabs, the more they feel encouraged and justified in their claim for the WHOLE of Palestine
  • The Jewish residents in the territories are, in fact, not any more an obstacle in the Arab eye -- which defines "peace" as a result of their final victory in the "liberation of Palestine" -- but merely a first goal. The Jews from inside Israel’s "Green Line" will likely be the next goal
  • The Jewish communities in Yehuda and the Shomron are a necessity, since they affirm the Jewish possession over the land -- a Torah instruction indeed.

So long as people sit on the biased, narrow-mindedness of the Olmert doctrine, only the first set of premises will be looked at -- and believed as though it was the gospel truth. When one dares open up their mind’s eye to the wider picture, and realizes the faulty thought of Olmert’s premises, the path becomes suddenly clear. Then acknowledging the missing points follows naturally.


Datingmaster, Jerusalem said...

Meir Kahana and Rahavanm Zeivi were so right and they were killed by Arabs

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

Gracias por tu visita a mi blog.

I read this book by Olmert as well.
It would take me too much time to respond properly to your post.

Each and every threat the President of Iran makes towards Israel and the Jews, I take seriously. Couple this with a group such as Hamas, whose mission is to destroy the Jewish state, and there is grave cause for concern.

BarbaraFromCalifornia said...

forgot to add, thank you for that book reference site. Those appear to be an excellent and relevant selection of readings for our times.

Greg said...

All relevant points and I agree with you as I do with datingmaster and Barbara. Olmert's way is a plunge into darkness, the way Rabin(z'll) would have led us had he had his way(G-d forbid).

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

I appreciate everyone's input. Agradezco la participacion de don Jose Cohen, que la critica ayuda a construir.

For all those in the USA: Olmert will be flying to Washington DC next week. A protest demonstration is being planned for Tuesday, May 23rd (25 Iyyar) in front of the White House. IY"H I will be there too. Stay tunned for further notices in this blog.

Jonathan said...

There is a HUGE RALLY to take place in DC to protest unilateral expulsions during Olmerts visit. As Marvin Belsky so eloquently put it: "...silence in the face of Olmert appeasement and accomodating the Israel oligarchy is not possible for anyone concerned with Israel and the US."

The rally will accomplish three things 1)get our cause into mainstream American media 2)give strength to the brave Jewish fighters resisting the expulsions in Israel 3)Show that the voice of American Jewry will not be hijacked by leftist organizations who speak in our name.

It is worth noting this is rally is occurring at an opportune time for broadcasting our cause vis-a-vis White House politics.

As neatly summarized by Ted Belman in his recent article, '...the Kadima strategy of convergence or consolidation is all but relegated to the dust bin. The EU is on record of opposing it and the US has not encouraged it. Neither wants Israel to make unilateral moves."

And according to recent and poignant DebkaFile exclusive because a report from two high ranking US officials painting the Israeli government "ill-informed and unfocused" on Iran nukes and "not on top of the methods" of Iranian financing of its nuclear and terrorism sponsoring activities"... including the radical Hizballah and Palestinian Hamas", makes it difficult for Olmert to get approval. As presented by Debka:

....of the subjects Olmert proposes to raise with US leaders....He also hopes to gain approval for his “convergence plan” for West Bank settlements...

The low performance grade the two officials awarded does not bode well for the new Israeli prime minister’s chances of achieving a good rapport and cooperation with the Bush administration on any of these key issues.

Furthermore, brought to my attention by Daniel Pipes weblog, Geostrategy-Direct stated the Bush administration (in contrast to the State Department) harbors mixed feelings for Olmert. There is quiet concern "...over the image of Israel as a country ready to withdraw in the face of terrorism."

"Israel screwed us up with its unilateral withdrawal plan because this is what is expected of us in Iraq," a senior Bush aide said in a recent private conversation with a Republican House member. "But we can't be seen as intervening."

One of the things our rally will do is give Bush and his top aides and strategists a push in the right direction.

Before the forced deportation of the Gush Katif Jews took place, alongside the destruction of their homes, livelihood,and giving away their land, perhaps.... possibly..., just maybe..., it was apparent only to analysts and foreign policy-buffs how terrible and disasterous is such a course. But for anyone, absolutely anyone, right now to push for more unilateral Jewish expulsions... is beyond the pale. A desire for more unilateral expulsion should be documented and publicised as pathological and a mental illness.

No country has ever did to its citizens what Israel did and will do to more of to theirs. Never in history have we encountered Jews not interested in self-preservation. Never does one have a country give away it's land to the enemy of an ally; Never in history has their been so many obvious reasons to jump to action.

If there is a point to be made, the rally will be the place to make it.

Like when call went out to scramble reinforcements for nine houses in Amona, the call goes out here: email, phone, walk to a community center, get your organization on the boat, old-school it with door to door, whatever your method, and bring as many people as you can. Let's get done what needs to be done.

The rally is set for the 23rd in front of Capitol Hill.
Questions, comments, suggestions-- shoot them right over.
This is going to be as awesome as we want to make it.


Jonathan Silverman
Assistant Rally-in-DC Coordinator,
(718) 304- 3193

Global Risk Latinoamerica said...

Hussein say just like the government of Iran today. Iran must take note that nobody this ready to bet to the good will of his ayatollahs of not developing its nuclear weapons.

Jonathan said...


What is your cell number-- urgent.


Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

Check your mailbox!

Mikhael Meir said...

I don't think Olmert and company in Kadima, nor the majority of Israeli citizens who gave them a mandate deny or delude themselves that the Palestinians collectively want to eradicate the Jewish presence, or at the very least, jewish sovereignty in "Falastin". It is clear that such is the case. Howwever, short of MASSIVE aliyah from the United States, let's say, if 1/5th of the American Jewish population up and moved to Yehuda & Shomron, a million people--then *maybe* we could hold onto these areas. Anyone knows that won't happen. There are diffent kinds of "peace". Peace can be like the peace between USA and Canada, with open borders and free trade, or it can be like the peace between the US and Cuba, without diplomatic relations, with sanctions and with tightly controlled travel between the 2 nations. Yet-there is no active fighting. The Cubans are on their island and the Americans are on their side.Most Israelis would be happy to settle for such a deal with the Palestinian Arabs. I even think the situation with Syria is a good future model for Israel and the Palestinians. There are no relations between Israel and Syria diplomatic, economic or otherwise. Syria still swears it will regain the Golan, let them swear it-they won't get it by military means.Yet the last time the two countries actually engaged in faceto face combat was in 1982. Israel has "peace" with the Syrians by remaining strong, despite the fact that they outnumber Israel. There should be a similar peace between us and the Palestinians, and if it means giving up the idea of Eretz Yisrael ha Sheleima, so be it.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

The Syrians may dream with a Golan Heights in their hands, but it is not an existential necessity for them.
The reason of existence of Hamas, the PLO, the PFLP, Jihad-al-Islam, and the like... as a matter of fact, the reason of existence of the entire entreprize of a "Palestinian" Arab people, is the destruction of Israel.
A small consesion on overcrowded territories will only open their appetite, and lead them to want more.
Cuba, your example, is geographically an island, and is separated from the US by a large body of international waters. No such separation exists between the so-called "Palestinians" and Israel.
Nobody believes that the territories are a synonym of "Palestine". The artificial perpetuation of the accidental lines of the 1949 Rhodes Armistice do not mark a division between countries. As a matter of fact, Jordan -- the Armistice signer whose border was temporarily mark by that line -- has already resigned to any territorial claims from Israel.
The only real solution is heeding the Torah's warning on Numbers (Bamidbar) 33:53-55