Thursday, August 18, 2005

A Final Appeal to US Jewry from the besieged Jews in Gush Katif


A Final Appeal to US Jewry from the besieged Jews in Gush Katif

About 40,000 Israeli soldiers and police have been expelling Jews from their homes and preparing to destroy their communities in the Gaza Strip. The plans of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon includes the destruction of all synagogues and yeshivot in the Gaza Strip, destroying a 3,000 year Jewish legacy in the area -- all this against the will of the majority of the Jewish people in Israel. The army has brought in U.S. platforms and equipment for the expulsion of the Jews and the destruction of the homes and synagogues. They include armored bulldozers, such as the D-9 from Caterpillar, and other equipment to ensure the destruction of Jewish life in the land of Israel. The idea that American taxpayer money is being used to destroy Jewish life is both immoral as well as unconscionable.
Looking out from our front window in the beach front community of Kfar Yam in Gush Katif, we can already see the preparations for the destruction of Neveh Dekalim, the largest Jewish community and a center of Torah in the area. The army has abandoned us to ensure our expulsion and only the grace of G-d has prevented any Arab attack. Indeed, this evening two attempts by suicide bombers to attack Shirat Hayam were foiled at the last minute!
The young and old in the surviving communities of Kfar Yam and neighboring Shirat Hayam, Kfar Darom and Netzarim are praying to G-d constantly to avert this disaster, but we need your help! We appeal to Jews everywhere to stop this massive destruction of synagogues, homes and yeshivot -- an effort financed by the United States. Never has the United States paid for the destruction of Jewish communities and the expulsion of their residents. Although Sharon has initiated this process, President Bush has pressed the prime minister to complete the expulsion of Jews regardless of the cost, including the establishment of a terrorist state along the eastern Mediterranean. Sixty years after the Holocaust, the United States cannot lend its hand to the destruction of Jewish life -- particularly in Eretz Yisrael -- regardless of where this decision lies. This is an issue that must be brought to the immediate attention of members of the House and Senate. The hour is late, but your voice can still help save Gush Katif.
We, here in Israel, are fighting this evil decree daily as hundreds of thousands of people are demonstrating and seeking to physically stop the destruction in the Gaza Strip, but it is not enough. The issue is not only an Israeli one. The fate of Jews in the land of Israel affects Jews all over the world and the idea that so-called peace means the expulsion of Jews is an idea that we have fought against for thousands of years -- whether in Spain, Germany, England or North Africa. The idea that "peace" can only come through the expulsion of Jews and destruction of their communities is one that must be fought now, before the same question is presented in Brussels, Paris, London or New York.
Jews in the Diaspora: stand up and be counted! The Jewish people are in danger and the obligation to act is on each and every one of us. Your voice is much more powerful than you imagine. Call your congressmen and senators immediately and demand that they represent you in stopping this evil decree.
Night has fallen on Kfar Yam and the latest word is that tomorrow morning the army and police will come in their U.S.-supplied armored bulldozers, jeeps, armored personnel carriers and cages and expel us from Gush Katif forever. We can still stop this. Help us.
Nadia Matar, co-chair Women in Green
Datya Yitzhaki, Minhelet Kela


Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352,
Jerusalem 91072,
Tel: 972-2-624-9887
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mart said...

Dear Sir,

As I write this, I know that you are going through what is probably the worst period in your life. With tears in my eyes I appologise to you and your family, friends and neighbours. I wish we could have somehow come to peace while still keeping as much of Eretz Yisrael Hashlema. We sure have tried for the last 33 years when we established Morag and Netzarim. We kept trying when we kept establishing settlements and expanding them year after year while fighting off the palestinian terrorists. 33 years of soldiers dying in order to protect a small area (as precious as it may be).

It is time to realise that this is not working. Let's try something new. Something which Arriell Sharon took more than 30 years to realise. We are paying too high a price for this little piece of land. How many more soldiers must die protecting your beautifull little paradise which has been in existence for about 23 years with a population of about 20.

Let's concentrate on the bigger picture. Populating the areas of Israel within the green line with Jews so that in 20 years time we still have a majority.

Giving a little (I know that for you it is far from being a little but in the big picture, it is a small strip of land)in order to prevent the world from forcing us to give up a whole lot more.

I pray that you will find a piece of land to settle and continue the life in Eretz Yisrael which you deserve.

Rafael V. Rabinovich said...

I am afraid, Sir, that you have a large list of misconceptions in your perception. I don’t blame you; the media and political propaganda have contributed to mislead the public.

IY”H I will develop these ideas here in the up-coming weeks. So let me reply in short:

-- Gaza was never what it is today. Israel did not entered such an overpopulated place back in 1967. More than 65% of the Arabs living in Gaza today were dumped there by Israel, and thus the problem was created, artificially.
-- Giving land has already been tried. Does the Oslo Piece Process ring a bell? Thanks to that, the Second Intifada took place, inflicting far more damage to our nation than the first one.
-- Transfer has not been tried. It remains the only solution still avoided by the ruling powers, even though the Israeli electorate knew that the idea wasn’t totally foreign to the Likud.
-- A Third Intifada, as promised by Hamas, will not bring any direct benefit to Israel. It will be the direct result of the Disengagement, and – mark my words! – it will be for the detriment of Israel, not for it’s benefit.
-- Sharon came to power as an alternative to Barak and Mitzna. They proposed giving land to the Arabs and granting them an autonomy that was to lead to independence. Sharon won the elections as “the alternative”. Then he stole the vote, and gave it to Shimon Peres.
-- “Giving a little” will not bring any peace, but it will, instead, open the Arab appetite for further concessions. The PLO promises to get all the way to Yerushalayim. Hamas adds: Tel Aviv and Haifa as well.

Nitzana said...

Dear, Dear Raphael, Todah Rabah for your kind comment on my blog. I would be honored to link to your site. The Sephardim have been long in receiving the friendship and solidarity due you. We MUST all stand together, One People, One G-d, and retrace the footsteps that led us here so that when we say Never Again, ALL of the House of Israel is with us.
How can I send you my link?
I must warn you, I can be far too blunt sometimes. I would like to give you an email address, but this is much too public.
Any ideas?
Is there anything special you would like me to use for you, or would you prefer I customize one?